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What is Saloniki.tv?

Saloniki.tv is project of Saloniki.org in cooperation with AIGES. It enables the user to see music-videos, short films, trailers, commercials and self-made clips. This makes it possible for people from all around the world to watch and download different kind of videos with reference to Thessaloniki and the Thessaloniki area.

Why am I not able to watch the videos on Saloniki.tv?

This problem can have various reasons:

  • Security settings for the browser: The videos on this website are played by the Adobe Flash Player. Check your security settings and make sure an execution of the Adobe Flash Player is possible.

  • Non-available Plug-In: If you are not equipped with a sufficient browser Plug-In to play the video, you can download it on Adobe for free.
  • No sufficient bandwidth: Slow modems (e.g. 56kb analog) may cause problems presenting the video. We recommend downloading the video and playing it locally on the PC.

Are the videos on Saloniki.tv protected by copyright?

Yes, the videos on Saloniki.tv are protected by copyright. For usage that goes beyond private purpose you have to ask the author for permission.

Can I suggest a video for Saloniki.tv?

Yes, it is possible for you to recommend a video. Please fill out the contact form, contact us and let us know what the video is about and where we can find it.

How can I upload videos on Saloniki.tv?

Upload the video trough the upload form or contact us with the contact form and let us know what the video is about. We will immediately get in touch with you.

What kind of criteria applies to the videos published on Saloniki.tv?

Videos shown on Saloniki.tv must have an evident connection to Thessaloniki or the Thessaloniki area. A video file should not exceed 20MB. Possible formats are .wmv, .avi, .rm, .mov, and .qt. Please note that the videos must have sufficient picture quality and that we need a screenshot of the video for the presentation. Detailed information on prohibited and permitted contents can be found in the terms of business.

Can I delete a video on Saloniki.tv?

If requested by the setter or because of a legitimate objection, the videos can be deleted. Please fill out the form or send us an e-mail.

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