TIFF 2014 / Opening Movie: White God by Kornel Mundruczo (Trailer)

A seemingly harmless measure that aims to make dog-breeding more disciplined, gives impetus to a series of extraordinary events. Favoring pedigree dogs, the new regulation puts a severe tax on mixed breeds. Owners begin to dump their mongrels and shelters quickly become overcrowded.

13-year-old Lili fights desperately to protect her pet Hagen. Heartbroken, she hates her father for making her betray her furry friend. Lili sets out to find her dog and save him. Hagen, too, searches desperately to return home to Lili. Struggling to survive, Hagen soon realizes that not everyone is a dog’s best friend. Wandering the streets, the former home pet falls into a series of dangerous situations.

When Hagen is captured and sent to the pound, his future seems more dismal than ever. But he and the other dogs will seize the opportunity to escape and revolt against mankind. Their revenge will be merciless. Courageous Lili may be the only person who can halt this unexpected war between man and dog.