STRESS - Athens Burning @ Block33 Thessaloniki 19/12/2013


Stress might very well have been the one & only greek band with a high-paced
punk ’77/KBD sound, in a scene full of post-punk (& later on hardcore)
bands. As far as their (sociopolitical in nature) lyrics go, they seem to
encapsulate all the events & agonies of their generation; tracks such as “Η
Λέρος [ i leros / (name of an aegean island whose mental institution has one
of the worst records on human rights violations in europe) ],” “Γενοκτονία [
genoktonia / genocide ]” – which was originally censored & didn’t appear on
record dressed with the actual lyrics until 1992, see below -, & “Άγχος [
aghos / angst ]” are indicative of the band’s leanings.

Stress participated in the comp. “Διατάραξη Κοινής Ησυχίας [ diataraxi
koinis isyhias / disruption of public peace – a.k.a. disturbance of common
peace ]” & released two LPs: “Ο Ήχος Της Ανασφάλειας [ o ihos tis anasfalias
/ the sound of insecurity ]” (self-released, 1985; repressed by Wipe Out
Records, 1987) & “Ο Ήχος Της Ανασφάλειας ΙΙ [ o ihos tis anasfalias II / the
sound of insecurity II ]” (Wipe Out Records, 1992). The latter, a
post-mortem release, contains previously unreleased demo & live material
from the 1983-1985 period – also contained is the track “Γενοκτονία [
genoktonia / genocide ],” which had been censored the first time around for
its lyrical content (a translated version can be found here). Both records
have been highly sought-after collector’s items for years on end.

The band started playing shows at around ’81-‘82. Its first line-up
consisted of Fragiskos Ninos (vox) – who later on formed Panx Romana – ,
Louis Kontoulis (guitar), Kostas Drivas (bass), & Nikos Hronopoulos (drums) – who also played with Panx Romana for a while. Other people who went
through the band’s ranks include Yannis Papakostas (vox), Yannis SialakIs
(vox), Yannis Karydis (drums), Spyros Mandelos (guitar), & Tom Bouzianis.…